1-Color Pad Printers

Our team at Pad Print Taiwan have over 13 years experience within the pad printing (tampo printing) industry. From one color to 6-color printing machine, we have a wealth of experience at your service.


FC-161ANC-FU Single Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
(Feeding Sensor/Auto Ejecting)



  • 4.3 Inches Color Touch Panel.
  • Manual Feeding Rail.
  • Cylinder-Style Progressive Propulsion.
  • Cylinder Sliding Base Positioning,Auto Clamping before
          Printing,Fast and Accurate.
  • Piece by Piece Freefall Feeding.
  • Hot Air Device,Increase Object Drying Speed.
  • Abnormal Alarm Display,Convenient to Resolve the
  • When the quantity on rail is lower than optical fiber sensor,
          the machine stops (This function can be set "Not Activated").
  • "No Object Sensor" - Auto stop when it's out of objects.
  • Exclusive Patented Device,Patent No: M311585.



Inkcup Size  Image Area Plate Size
60mm 50Φ L:200 W:90 H:10

Pad Printing Capacity/hr
One color 900~1200 Pcs

Power Requirements and Dimensions
Voltage (V) 110V/220V
Pressure(kg/cm2 psi) 4~6
Dimension(mm)(L x W x H) L:94 W:83 H:130
Net W. 120 Kg



  Pad Printing Videos
   DM-FC-125 FU Single Color Ink Cup Pad Printer (Feeding Sensor/Auto Ejecting)


* Fine Cause produced pad printers own exclusive patent (No. M311585) and is different from others which only use magnet for suction function. Our new double-axis ink-scarping system makes it better and cleaner for scraping the ink.
2-Axis Ink-Scarping System Large XY Base-Convenient
and Accurate Positioning
Japan DAIDO Oliless Bearing