2-Color Pad Printer Models

Our team at Pad Print Taiwan have over 13 years experience within the pad printing (tampo printing) industry. From one color to 6-color printing machine, we have a wealth of experience at your service.


FC-162ARC-JS Auto
2-Color Ink-Cup
Pad Printer



  • Exclusive Patented Ink-Scraping Device (Patent No. M311585)
          (Using 2 axis to scrap the ink independently. The spring absorbs
          the steel plate tolerances. Adjustable Cylinder Pressure)
  • L-Shape Casting Pad-Printer Body. One Piece. Firmed
          Structure. Easy to Operate).
  • Printed number and other printing parameters can be set
          individually for any machines.
  • 10 inches/65536 Color Touched Panel
          ◦ Touched and Digitized Manipulation; Malfunction
          Marquee Display.
          ◦ Input, Output Full Display.
          ◦ Each unit has it's independent operating screen.
  • PANASONIC PLC Programmable Controller (Japan Original)
          ◦ Standard Program. Modified after clients' use for many years.
          ◦ Set the numbers of the pad/steel plate usage. Auto alarm
          displays on marquee when reaching the number.
  • Electronic Pressure Sensor. The machine stops operation when
          the pressure is lower than the set value.
  • Dust-Proof for the whole machine.
  • Whole machine is covered by 8 mm acrylic sheets.
  • HEPA FILTER 0.3um 99.99% / 0.12um 99.999%
  • Machine No. 1 - Singular Jigs/ Machine No. 2 Even Number Jigs.


Inkcup Size  Image Area Plate Size
60mm 50Φ L:200 W:90 H:10

Pad Printing Capacity/hr
2 color 24 Pcs

Power Requirements and Dimensions
Voltage (V) 110V/220V
Pressure(kg/cm2 psi) 4~6
Dimension(mm)(L x W x H) L:120 W:120 H:249
Net W. 800 Kg



  Pad Printing Videos
   DM-FC-210D Auto 2-Color Ink-Cup Pad Printer


Printer 1 Odd Number Jig / Printer 2 Even Number Jig
Fiber Sensing the Residual Products Negative Pressure Detection,Auto Absorbing Products Product and Jig fixed tightly together Accruate Printing