Screen Printing Equipment: Flat & Surfaces

These can be packaging goods (oval and cylindrical bottles), promotional products (koozies, ceramic mugs, stainless travel mugs, mint tins), medical products (plastic housings, bezels, flat displays), sporting equipment (skis, paddles) and more.


FA-500BCN Plane, Curved Surface Screen Printing Machine



Suitable For:
Printed Logo/Picture on All Kinds of Products. For Example: Telephone Keypad, SD Card, MP3, Remote Control and Etc. Plastic,

Ceramics and Metal Products,Select the Suction Function, You can Print Lighter Products Like Paper, PVC Film, Acrylic and Etc.

  • 65536 Color TFT Touch Panel.
  • PLC Control,Easy to Add Funtions.
  • Adsorption Squeegee Clip (Patent No. M390871),Easy to
          Move Squeegee Position,Esay to Disassemble.
  • Using Germany FESTO Pneumatic Cylinder. High-Functioning,
          Low Breakdown Rate. Better Machine Performance.
  • Transmission System - Japanese Bearings and Shafts.
          Attrition Resistance, Long Life.
  • Malfunction Detector / Screen Message Display.
  • Adjustable Squeegee Pressure.
  • Electronic Pressure Sensor. Auto Stop When the Pressure is
          Too Low and Shown on Marquee.
  • Pneumatic Squeegee Stand / Moving Up and Down.



Model Squeegee stroke  Image size
FA-500C 500 300x400 Flat
FA-500T 500 400x180mm Surfaces

Printing Color Capacity/hr
One color 600~1800 Pcs

Power Requirements and Dimensions
Voltage (V) 110V/220V
Pressure(kg/cm2 psi) 4~6
Dimension(mm)(L x W x H) L:90 W:60 H:180
Net W. 500T(Flat):207 Kg
500C(Sufaces):195 Kg



  Screen Printing Videos-FA-500BCN Plane, Curved Surface Screen Printing Machine
FA-500BNC Plane, Curved Surface Screen Printing Machine-2